CSPN Development Update #4 - Match System, Platform Design

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2019/06/13 - 04:53 PM EST
Category: development

Guess what day it is? Guess. What. Day. It. Is. It’s time for another Dev Update!

We are making great progress on the platform, most of the back-end code is feature complete for the Alpha version and being hooked into the front end UI now.

Our designers are also doing an amazing job on the platform design which we want to share with you today as well.

Here is a summary of the newly added functionality:

Match Creation:

- Users can now post custom match request listings for any game already listed on the platform.

- Available game types, game modes, match type and systems are determined automatically in real time upon game selection.

- As soon as the user selects a match type other than 1on1, it will switch to the clanwar mode and enable the clan selection widget of available clans the actual user belongs to.

- Matches have a standardized set of rules per game that are setup by the CSPN team.

- Users can choose between "casual" and "competitive" mode. Casual mode let's gamers play stake-free matches, while competitive mode enables the CSPN prize pool and requires gamers to “ante up” in order to participate in the match.

Match Detail Page:

- Open match requests are available for other gamers/clans to challenge. Gamers/Clans can either accept the prize and time the match should take place or negotiate these details (negotiation functionality still in development).

- Once both sides accept the challenge, the live chat will be available and, if the serious mode is enabled, the agreed upon stake amount will be taken from all participants CSPN balance and locked into the prize pool.

Embeddable Gamer and Clan Widgets:

- CSPN Gamer and Clan profiles can be embedded on external websites as a widget.

What's next?

- Finalizing the match negotiation functionality.

- Developing the match status functionality (open, negotiation, pending, live, complete).

- Developing the score agreement functionality that either triggers the prize to be automatically paid out to the winner or opens an arbitration request in the case of disagreement.

- Developing the clanwar management functionality to add users to available slots.

- Creating the match request market overview pages to search for available matches to participate.

- Updating the User Interface with the final designs.

The team continues to push forward and we are very excited to get the CSPN Platform ready for a public Alpha release as soon as possible.

To all our supporters and investors: Thank you for your loyalty and patience as we continue to grind towards our target.

- Your Crypto Sports Team -