CSPN Development Update #7 - Dynamic Ladders, ELO Rating, Point System & More

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2019/08/07 - 09:10 PM EST
Category: development

“Little Things make Big Things happen” - John Wooden

The CSPN Team is proud to release our biggest CSPN Dev Update yet. We are making big steps forward towards the alpha release state and would like to share the newest added functionality with you.

Dynamic Ladder System
We developed a dynamic ladder system that allows automatic creation of open ladders by just playing matches. Let's say you find an opponent for a match with the following parameters: Game X -> PC -> Competitive -> 1on1 -> Deathmatch. The system then checks if a ladder for this configuration already exists and creates it if needed. This gives gamers the complete freedom to create their own ladders for their favorite games and game modes just by being active and playing.

ELO Rating System
ELO rating systems calculate the relative skill level and rank of a gamer in each ladder and allows gamers to find opponents with the same level of skill. This is critical in any matchmaking system so matches always stay competitive and fair. CSPN takes great pride in the following ELO system that has been created for the platform.

Point System (in active development)
- Experience Points: For many events (e.g. daily login, winning or losing a match, etc.) a gamer will be rewarded with experience points. Experience points have positive impact on the overall CSPN rating score of a gamer.
- Penalty Points: The non-entry of results for a match you played, not showing up on to a match or rage quitting during a match will be penalized with penalty points. Penalty points will be added to the affected ladder and also have negative impact on the overall CSPN rating score of a gamer.

Automated Match Events
We developed various match events that automatically control the course of a match. A few examples:
- If a gamer creates a match and doesn't find an opponent, the match will be automatically deleted and the entire stake will be moved back to the gamers wallet.
- If one or both sides don't set them selves to ready state in time, the match will be automatically canceled, stakes will be given back minus the service fee and the gamer/s not in ready state will be penalized with penalty points.
- If the match creator don't enter the match results in time, a dispute will automatically be opened that activates a CSPN admin to investigate the case.

Dispute System (in active development)
In terms of disagreements or a gamer rage quitting a match, both sides have the opportunity to open a dispute and let a CSPN admin help out to clarify the case. If a dispute is opened, the admin has the full power of decision over the match results. The match participants can upload screenshots of match results and other supporting evidence for their claim.

GUI Updates
- The front page has been fully populated and now shows the Newest Gamers & Clans, as well as Newest Match Requests and Upcoming Matches. It will also cover a news blog widget along with a CSPN ranking block that shows the top 5 gamers ranked by their overall CSPN score.
- Gamer profiles now cover a block showing actual match requests, upcoming matches, ladders the gamer participates in with actual ranking and the latest match results.
- Matches and media galleries in blocks are now presented in a carousel style widget.

What's next?
- Finalizing the Point and Dispute System.
- Setting up user notifications on various events.
- Styling the Private Message and Quick Chat System.
- Finishing the front page.
- Writing content and setting up the About page.
- Writing the general CSPN platform rules & FAQ's.
- Picking the games we start with.
- Move the system over to the production environment.
- Go live.

As the team continues to work diligently towards the CSPN Platform Alpha Release; We want to thank all investors, gamers, enthusiasts and everyone watching for your continued devotion and patience.

—Your Crypto Sports Team—